What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a branch of medicine that uses natural substances to help the body prevent ill health as well as regain health once it has been lost.  It seeks to restore the body’s natural function by strengthening the body’s natural power to heal itself and by removing any obstacles to health.


Naturopathic Medicine promotes healthy living and aims to prevent ill health as well as restore good health.


The basis of Naturopathic Medicine is that all individuals are unique and that all aspects of a person can effect health and disease.  Each person is individual in their mental, emotional and physical make up.


Naturopaths believe that disease does not occur without a cause, and promoting health for each individual is of primary concern.


Naturopaths believe that dealing with the underlying cause (not just the symptom) of ill health will allow the body to revert to a higher state of wellness and help prevent future disease.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of stimulating the body with minute doses of natural substances to encourage the body to become stronger and heal from within.  It has a profound effect on how the body functions by helping the organs function better and creates an environment where healthy function is promoted and disease causing organisms are not promoted.


Homeopathy helps to achieve wellness by looking at all internal and external factors that affect health and how the body expresses the lack of well-being.  Again, each person may have different symptoms even though they have the same medical diagnosis.  With homeopathy, it is important to see how each person reacts when they are unwell.


Homeopathy looks to the expression of imbalance of the mental, emotional, and physical levels and investigates any initial causes of an illness.  The body is connected and the same body chemistry affects all areas, so we look at all symptoms to see how the health is being affected.   This overview gives clues to what homeopathic remedy the body needs to become healthy again.


As an individual, each of us experiences ill health in different ways, many times affected by how our genetics influence us.  Some people always have too little function like dryness, coldness, etc.  Some people consistently experience too much reaction from the body like too much growth, too much heat, etc.  Others react in other consistent patterns or in a mixture of patterns.  Dr. Wagner uses Homeopathic Facial Analysis to get a clue from the facial features into how the body tends to express itself in health and disease.   By looking at the facial features, you see what forces the body naturally expressed as it was growing and developing.  These same forces influence how we react in illness.  This method helps insure we pick a remedy from the right category of homeopathic remedy when several remedies seem a potential match.  It is a very objective look at what the body can tell us.  For further reading on using HFA with classical homeopathy:  Homeopathic Facial Analysis