Individualized Care

Naturopathic Medicine understands that two people with similar health conditions may need to be handled very differently depending on their specific needs.


Each client is studied as a whole as Naturopathic Medicine aims to discover the obstacles to health in each person. Naturopathic medicine focuses on helping the whole person and increasing overall health.


By studying each person’s unique health history and unique physical expression of imbalance, a plan can be implemented to rebalance limitations and enable individuals to heal.


Assessment of each individual allows the doctor to help in ways that are specific to that clients physiology, directing that client toward health by using natural substances specific for their own body.

Other Services

Food Sensitivity Testing:

A blood test to determine if a person has delayed immune reactions to certain foods which may cause chronic health problems over time.

Neurotransmitter Testing:

When brain neurotransmitters are not in balance, symptoms may arise such as anxiety, depression, restlessness and lethargy.  By studying a person’s symptoms and obtaining a urine sample, levels can be determined to guide the use of therapeutic amino acids.

Digestive Function Testing:

Digestion function testing includes comprehensive digestive analysis, leaky gut testing, testing for bacterial or parasitic growth as well as other function tests.

Other Naturopathic Testing:

Other testing can include cortisol level testing, hair heavy metal testing, hormonal testing as well as other testing to fit each person’s symptom picture when indicated.