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Naturopathic Medicine is a Natural Approach to Maintaining, Improving, and Restoring Health.  The body creates health or illness in the body for a reason.  Natural medicine seeks to find out what is preventing the body from being healthy and addressing those issues.  Naturopathic medicine can be very successful in helping people of all ages overcome acute, immediate problems as well as chronic, long term health issues.


Dr. Wagner specializes in Nutrition, Classical Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine.  Sometimes the body is lacking nutrition the body needs for maintenance, growth, repair and immune function.  Other times, certain foods may be aggravating certain symptoms and diet and nutrition and possibly food sensitivities must be addressed.


At other times, the body seems to have a weakened area or pattern of ill health, be it mental, emotional or physical that repeatedly suffers in times of stress or which came on at a certain time of life and gives off symptoms that are particular to each individual.  Each person has a unique symptom picture of any disease be it asthma, headache, anxiety, arthritis, etc.  By studying this individual expression of disease, a homeopathic remedy can be administered to help the body overcome its own weaknesses and restore health without having to take a lot of supplements or herbs.  Children tend to love homeopathy because the remedies taste good and are easy to administer.


Herbal Medicine can be used to strengthen the body since herbs have nutritional value as well as nutrients that strengthen the function of different parts of the body.  Herbs may accelerate results by giving plant based nutrients that are known to support different organ systems.  Herbs can be given in different ways so that children as well as adults can take them.