Medical debt – can it be avoided?

Studies show that staggering medical debt can affect people of all ages and incomes, those with insurane with high copays, and those with chronic health conditions. One such study can be found here :

People hesitate to pay out of pocket for holistic health methods because they are not covered by insurance. Many do not realize that putting off health improvement can lead to much more expensive treatment with their insurance when their health continues to decline. Alternative medicine is much cheaper in the long run if it improves health over the long term. Many companies today also have Health Savings Accounts or Flex Spending Accounts that can be used toward alternative medical expenses to further promote long term health and not just disease management through drugs and surgery.

Children especially have a wonderful ability to heal quickly if the body is given what it needs to repair itself. Treatments aimed at children can affect their health into adulthood and into old age. Taking a little time and money to assess the cause of ill health today may help prevent major medical intervention and debt in the future.