30 Seconds to a Better Diet

Some days we just don’t eat well enough to cover all the nutrients we need. Maybe everyday. The holidays are especially hard when we might fill up om some treats and not be hungry for a nutritious meal or fruits and vegetables. A quick way to ensure that you are getting a large amount of plant based vitamins, minerals and those important phytonutrients, is to take 30 seconds out of your day and stir up some green powder or fruit powder into some liquid and drink! Now, some green drinks or powders taste like swamp water. However, the two brands that I have tried that are really tasty are All Day Energy Greens and Greens First. They both make green and fruit based powders that taste great. The fruit powder helps you get all the colors and nutrients from the fruits without all the sugars. The Greens First just has a little hint of minty taste that the All Day Energy Greens does not. I mix some of the green powder and the fruit powder together every day. Just try it and see how your energy improves and your skin looks fresher. Check out my product page for powders I like best!